Kia Successfully Joins the Power Car Party with the new Stinger GT2

May 4th, 2020 by

The experts at Kia make vehicles that are durable, comfortable, and competent, and they do this across all makes and models. Now, Kia has jumped into the power car fray with its new offering of the 2020 Stinger GT2. This is a variance of the Stinger trim line, and it packs in a number of tools that put it on a par with any number of well-known muscle cars.

Passengers who enjoy track-like power will enjoy the pulse-pounding G-forces this vehicle produces. Drivers who enjoy performance vehicles can also get a kick out of operating this well-tuned machine, and it offers motors, transmissions, and other tech tools that make it a true pleasure.

The new 2020 Kia Stinger GT 2 Posts Impressive Numbers Under the Hood

A quick look under the hood of the new Kia Stinger GT2 or even a quick listen to its throaty rumble betrays the fact that this machine has something serious to offer in the power department. The new GT2 suffers from no shortage of power, and its surprisingly lean 3.3-L V-6 motor puts out 365-hp. It does so with a variety of proprietary technologies as well as a twin-turbo setup that injects extra air into each cylinder. These and other measures enable it to produce 376-foot-pounds of torque.

New 2020 Stinger GT2 Suspension Prowess

Containing all the power produced by the motor is no simple task, but the specialized automatic, 8-speed transmission that comes with this machine is up to the test. It features uniquely tuned gear ratios and ranges that truly maximize low-end power while allowing for breathtaking top-end speeds. The 8-speed gear range is just beginning because the new Kia Stinger GT2 gives drivers an extra push with its specialized driving modes.

These modes include Smart, Eco, Sport, Comfort, and D-AWD. They're available in the all-wheel-drive (AWD) version of the GT2. They enable drivers to go anywhere from full AWD for maximum traction to full rear-wheel-drive for maximum thrust and take off around Ontario, CA.

There is no doubt that the new 2020 Kia Stinger GT2 certainly fits the bill. It easily measures up to and even outperforms many other so-called competitors, and it does so with style and panache.

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