Get Pre-Approved for Auto Financing or Leasing


Get Pre-Approved for Auto Financing in Pomona

Now that you found just the perfect Kia for you and your family, your thoughts are probably turning to how you will pay for it. When it comes to that, there are many options on the table. To begin, you will want to complete an application with Pomona Kia in order to start the ball rolling. The two main options include getting a loan to purchase your new vehicle or applying for a lease. For both of these, you will complete a simple application and then decide which is best for your situation and credit rating. Read more about your options at the bottom of the page.

Finance Your Kia and Drive Home Today

Finding the perfect car or SUV for you and your family is not always easy. That is why you will be excited when you visit our Kia dealership and look through the inventory that we have on our lot. The chances are good that you will find the perfect vehicle that checks off everything on your list. When you have done that, then you may decide you want to own it outright so you can keep it for a number of years. You do not necessarily need to pay in cash for that privilege. A loan is likely a better option for you.

Applying for a loan at Pomona Kia in Diamond Bar is easy. You will begin by providing your personal and financial information. We then take that to the numerous banks and private lenders that we work with to determine what the best offer is for at this time. You will then take a look and decide on a financial package that meets with your budget. Loans come with terms ranging from 24 to 72 months. You will also want to put a down payment on the purchase in order to strengthen your application. The longer the term of the loan, the lower your monthly payment will be in the end.

Lease a New Kia for Several Years

Another possibility is to lease your new Kia. This is becoming quite popular these days, particularly with technology evolving at such a rapid pace. It is possible to get a new vehicle every few years when you lease, which is appealing to many drivers today. This all begins with an assessment of your credit rating to determine if you qualify for a lease. Just fill out the application and Pomona Kia will then be able to show you the current offers that are available. This will allow you to determine what your monthly payment will be. We will go over the terms and conditions with you at that time as well.

With a lease, you will be asked to pay a small deposit, plus some taxes and fees. This usually amounts to much less money than you would need to purchase the car with a loan. You will also not have to worry about any depreciation. The dealership will remain the owner of the vehicle. At the end of the lease, you will not have to find a buyer for the Kia before you go to buy a new one. You simply hand it back in and your monthly payments will stop. It really is that simple. With a lease, you do need to stick with a certain mileage limit that will be detailed in the contract. You are also welcomed to buy the vehicle after the lease is over. You will just pay the residual amount stated in the contract.

These two options should help steer you in the right direction. If you're in Chino or Chino Hills, you will just want to fill out the finance application and then allow Pomona Kia to show you the terms that apply to your purchase based on your credit rating. As we work with several lenders, we can help you secure a loan or lease that is in your best interest. Montclair and Ontario, CA customers can stop by today and start discussing the possibilities. You may just find that you can drive home in your new Kia the very same day. Feel free to browse our new and used inventories online as well.