Kia K5 vs. Kia Optima

2021 Kia K5 in Ebony Black

The Kia Optima has been a customer favorite for decades, and every day, Chino and Covina customers ask us about it. Is the Kia Optima discontinued? Did the Kia K5 replace the Optima? The answer is both yes and no. While you won’t find new Kia Optima models on the Ontario roads, the Optima has simply been renamed as the new Kia K5. This rebranding is more significant than a simple name change though. Get to know the differences between the Kia K5 vs. Kia Optima with Pomona Kia, and visit Pomona to compare and contrast the two with a test drive!



Kia K5 vs. Optima Performance

So, is the Kia Optima discontinued? The Optima in North America is known as the K5 in Korea. Kia switched to the K5 to signify a change to a sportier approach to driving. While the Optima was branded primarily as a comfort vehicle, the K5 takes this midsize sedan to the next level with improved handling and performance. Expect more horsepower, more torque, and an upgraded transmission on the K5 for a more lively and efficient ride in Ontario.

Kia K5 vs. Optima Dimensions

The Kia K5 vs. Kia Optima are both midsize sedans, but the K5 has been streamlined to fit its bold new style. While the Kia Optima is an exceptionally good buy on the used market, the Kia K5 builds upon the Optima’s quality design to elevate your driving experience even more. 

  • Length: The Kia K5 is longer than the Optima to allow for greater space.
  • Wheelbase: The Kia K5 has a longer wheelbase to create a smoother ride.
  • Features: The Kia K5 is the newer lineup, so you can expect state-of-the-art technology.

Compare the Kia K5 vs. Optima at Pomona Kia

So, did the Kia K5 replace the Optima? The Kia K5 is an evolution of the Optima lineup, and Pomona Kia is happy to highlight the differences in person at our Pomona dealership. While the tried-and-true Optima is still a surefire hit, we think that the upgraded Kia K5 lineup offers plenty of advantages on a classic model. Contact us to get one step closer to your next sedan!


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