At Pomona Kia we offer different kinds of amenities to make our customers visits more comfortable. We strive to make your car buying experience a fast and pleasant one. Below is a list of amenities that we offer.

Shuttle Service

At Pomona Kia we offer shuttle service to and from work.


Here at Pomona Kia we offer Wi-Fi for all our customers to help them feel right at home while they are waiting for an associate.


Pomona Kia offers different kinds of beverages at no cost if you feel like you need something to drink while you wait for your car or if you are waiting to be helped.

Waiting Room

Pomona Kia offers a spacious waiting room for you and your guests to relax comfortably while you wait for a Kia Pomona employee to help you.

Kids Play Area

Pomona Kia is kid-friendly! We have an area specifically for your children to play in while you take care of what you need to.


If you build up an appetite looking at our large inventory of Kia vehicles then here at Pomona Kia we offer snacks to help settle that appetite. Come check it out!

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